Let me introduce myself.

Hi there! So instead of just jumping in and start posting stuff I thought it would be nice to write an introduction post. Give you a little bit of insight in my life!

I’m a 25-year old girl living in the wonderful city of Antwerp. I’m a graphic designer and visual artist running my own design business and ceramic studio. Together with my boyfriend I run a third  business called Atelier Ampersand where we sell products like fine art prints, iPhone cases and apparel that we design our own.  But you can read all about my other projects on their specific websites! Let’s talk about why I started this blog.

ceramic bowls with abstract glaze spots & speckles
ceramic bowls with abstract glaze spots & speckles

What I'll be blogging about.

Being a young entrepreneur is never easy and comes with many lessons. That’s why I decided to pour them into a blog where I hopefully can prevent other entrepreneurs from making the same mistakes! This will be a lifestyle blog that will focus on young and creative woman who are trying to find their way in this crazy world.

I will be taking on different themes every month featuring my different passions. The first one is of course graphic design and visual art. I’ve been a graphic designer for 7 years and love to inspire others. On this blog you will find graphic design tips, tutorials, the latest trends and my favorite resources. This will evolve with time as I’m always learning new techniques and trying out different things. So don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you see a few DIY’s pop up!

Ceramics & Cooking.

Alongside with graphic design and visual arts I also have a huge passion for ceramics and food. I will be combining these two passions in monthly recipes featuring my handmade table ware. All the featured table ware will be for sale on the website of my ceramic studio called Spots & Speckles. I’ll be sure to include links so you can know where to find them! These recipes will be mostly plant-based and vegetarian. Eating plant-based has so many benefits for the world and for your body. Think lots of veggies and natural, non-processed ingredients. Your body and tastebuds will thank you later!

A third and final category will be hotspots and city guides! I try to travel a lot and get so much inspiration out of it that it would be rude not to share it with you. So be prepared for a lot of hotspots of my latest travels. I will be featuring some local hotspots in Belgium as wel as some lovely international places. So be prepared to see lots of beautiful nature and lovely restaurants to fill up that appetite from all that hiking.

That’s about it! If you have any questions or if you want to see some other topics on this blog, please let me know in the comments. I would love to listen to your suggestions!