Handmade Ceramics.

When pursuing my passion for graphic design and visual artwork I discovered that i love working with my hands. My mother and I took a pottery class on a spontaneous hunch and loved it from the first second. Every free moment we have we were getting our hands dirty with clay and discovered our second huge passion.

Handcraftedwith love.

We totally fell in love with the clay and the turning wheel and have been throwing clay around non-stop for the last two years. There is something so soothing and inspiring when you're creating something from scratch. That's the reason why we started our own ceramic business.

Spots & Speckles.

Combining our two passions we decided to start a business together. We will create handmade and custom tableware as well as daily objects. We have our own unique abstract style using different sorts of glazes that always create spots and speckles in their own way.


Besides our handcrafted ceramics we also offer abstract artworks that will spark up your home. These are all handmade by me and are always an experiment with different colours and techniques. We will also offer home decor objects in the future. Please take a look at our website and let us amaze you.

Spots & Speckles

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